Discover Woodland Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that no human being is educated by another person. She must do it herself or it will never be done. In a Montessori Children’s House, you will find that it is designed to put the child at ease by giving freedom in an environment that is prepared by the adult specifically for the child.

Montessori focuses on each child as an individual. Woodland Montessori School offers a Children’s House that focuses on the advanced Montessori curriculum. The exercises of Practical Life allow the children to develop both fine and gross motors skills as well as working to build concentration, lengthen attention span, and develop logical thought patterns. The Sensorial materials allow the child to make sensorial impression of abstract ideas and include botany, geography, and geometry. These materials help the child to become aware of details and isolate one defining quality.  In the Language materials, the child discovers both reading and writing at a very young age. The Mathematics materials allow the child to learn using concrete materials during the years when the child enjoys manipulating equipment and gives a concrete understanding of the hierarchy of numbers and the operations of Mathematics.